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Gabriella took this picture of Uncle Greg on his way home, after a quick afternoon visit.

26 Oct 2009

Uncle Greg Stops By

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Gabriella’s party for her friends from school was at Purple Glaze. All the kids had a great time. The parents did too. It was pretty hands on.

17 Oct 2009

The Purple Glaze Party

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This is from November, 2007.
Daddy’s just getting around to posting it though.

1 Oct 2008

Gabriella Learns To Skate

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Believe it or not, Gabriella had never gone to a live sporting event before tonight. Nona decided to take her to the TU CBI championship game with her, Papa, Uncle Greg, Aunt Jacinda and Uncle David. Uncle Greg got front row tickets! She had a great time. Nona said her eyes were as wide as saucers, looking around at all the people, hearing all the noise, and checking out all the action.

Here is she, raring to go. Go TU! Go TU!
(Too bad we didn’t get a picture of her at the game…)

31 Mar 2008

Gabriella’s First Sporting Event

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Gabriella is finally old enough to join the big kid egg hunt:

Aunt Jenny always comes through with the fashionista garb:

23 Mar 2008

Happy Easter

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Daddy had the day off work for Good Friday, we decided to take the girls out for a special evening. We invited Uncle Greg and Aunt Jacinda to make it even more fun.

Here we are riding the Go Karts.
Gabriella kept yelling, “FASTER! FASTER! Daddy go FASTER!”
(Thanks for taking the pictures, Momma)

Uncle Greg and Aunt Jacinda:

Daddy and Gabriella:

21 Mar 2008

Go Karts At Incredible Pizza

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16 Oct 2007

Gabriella’s 3rd Birthday

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Gabriella got to spend the day at Uncle Greg and Aunt Jacinda’s house playing today. She had a great time. Here’s a pic that Uncle Greg took:

6 Oct 2007

Uncle Greg & Aunt Jacinda’s House

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Uncle Greg and Aunt Jacinda took Gabriella to the Fair today. They went to the Ice Capades and then walked the midway. She had a blast. She couldn’t stop talking about the Princesses On Ice and the Merry-Go-Round. Uncle Greg snapped a couple for pictures of the blog.

A Princess and her Pony:

JUST tall enough to go in the Fun House:

Thanks Uncle G and Aunt J:

30 Sep 2007

Tulsa State Fair

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We got a pretty good start this morning, after getting up early. Gabriella felt a lot better after her rough evening, so that made things go even smoother. After we packed up the cars and drove-thru McDonald’s, we were on our way out of Dodge!

We made pretty good time, stopping a couple of times for gas and bathroom breaks before deciding it was time to stop for lunch around 1:00. It was perfect timing, because just as we decided, we turned the corner and found a really nice park with shaded picnic tables.

While we set up for lunch, Uncle Greg and Gabriella took a tour of the park, trying out the slides, swings, and even the teeter-totter. We probably took a little bit longer of a break than Papa would have liked, but we got a good rest in and Gabriella was ready for the second leg of today’s trip.

Thankfully, we had lots of things to keep Gabriella busy today, that we didn’t have to break out yesterday. After a full day in the car, she was definitely over the excitement of being on a roadtrip. The built in DVD player was a big help. She got to watch her favorite show, Little Einsteins, and even a couple of movies.

As we drove, you could really tell that we had made it to Colorado, just by the beautiful rest areas that they have off of the highways. The grass is pretty and green and meticulously cared for, the restrooms are clean, there are information stands and people actually enjoy stopping at them. That’s a big contrast from the ones in Oklahoma where IF you can find them, you are lucky if the even have “facilities” and even luckier if you can stand the smell and the walk in from the car is usually across a barren dirt path that is covered with trash… At one of the rest areas in Colorado, we met a nice older couple who were returning from vacation to their home outside of Denver. They were walking and playing with their puppy, who just happened to be a cute little Bichon, just like Gabriella’s dogs, Max and Annie. Gabriella was drawn in immediately and she and Petey ran around and played for a while until we were all ready to go.

By the time we finally made it into Colorado Springs and then Denver, the traffic was horrible. Everyone must have been coming home from the holiday weekend, because the cars we backed up for miles. A couple of small fender benders on the side of the highway didn’t help much either. We finally came to the conclusion that we weren’t going to make it to Estes before dinnertime, so we decided to pull over and eat and try to wait out a little of the traffic.

We finally made it into Estes around 8:00 Colorado time. It was dark already, so we didn’t get to enjoy the scenic drive in, but none the less, we were all happy to be there. The cabin was fantastic. It was a great combination of new and cozy, which is a sometimes a little difficult to find. We got our things inside and got settled in, and it wasn’t long before one by one, everyone retired to bed after a long day of traveling.

Trying on Aunt Jacinda’s hat just before leaving the hotel:

Stopping for gas:

Posing with Uncle Greg & Jacinda:

Swinging at the park with Uncle G:

Lunchtime. Say cheese:

Rubbing Nona’s finger, and watching the Little Einsteins:

Uncle Greg and Jacinda following close behind:

Playing in the park with Petey:

Pulling into Estes Park:

Finally, relaxing in the living room, before bedtime:

CD: Natalie Merchant – Retrospective 1995-2005, Neil Diamond – 12 Songs, Dave Brubeck – Time Was Vol. 2 – Lyon’s Busy, Dave Brubeck – Time Was Vol. 3 – These Foolish Things

4 Sep 2006

Vacation Day 2: Dodge City To Estes Park

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