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Gabriella to Daddy: “I need to shave my feet.”

29 May 2008

Quote Of The Day

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Mama took Gabriella to Cynthia Kishner’s birthday party today. It was at My Little Dollhouse. All the girls got to dress up and have their nails done and even put on a fashion show. Gabriella had a great time, once she got warmed up. Here are some pics that Mama took:

24 May 2008

Cynthia’s Birthday Party

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Gabriella helped Mama make dinner today. Complete with her chef apron, she looks like an old pro:

21 May 2008

Chef Gabriella

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Gabriella and daddy drove out to see how our new house was coming along today:


In The Entry:

Gabriella’s Bedroom:

18 May 2008

Trip To The New House

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